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Tale # 64
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Jan 28th 2006 Submitted by Anonymous
“Is He Dying Now?”
A donut I was working for a small family-owned company (the kind that are supposed to care about employees, right?) when my father was diagnosed with esophageal cancer. He did chemo and radiation in another state and I cheered him on from a distance.

Some months later the doctors decided the treatments were not working and there was nothing more to be done.

When i heard this sad news, I worked like a dog for a week to get ahead of my deadlines and explained the situation to my boss.

ME: So, can I take a week off to go see him?
BOSS: Well, is he dying right now?
ME: No, not yet, but he's terminal.
BOSS: But he's not dying now.
ME: No, but I'd like to see him while he's still lucid.
BOSS: If he's not dying right now, you can't take time off.

I thought I was misunderstanding something, so I explained again and told the boss that I had worked ahead of my deadlines, etc. He still refused.

I quit and did go see my father. He died two months later. LINK
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Tale # 34
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Dec 12th 2005 Submitted by Anonymous
“Helen Wants Attention!”
A donut "Helen" worked at a tech support firm contracted to a telecommunications company. But that's not important.

One day, Helen came to work, much like usual, and all her co-workers kept smiling at her and saying, "Congratulations!"

She found this very puzzling. Eventually she worked out that everyone thought she was pregnant.

Except she wasn't pregnant. So she told everyone this.

The next day, everyone was looking sad and saying "sorry."

She thought this was a rather extreme reaction to just not being pregnant, until she found out that the rumor mill was saying that she had had a miscarriage.

She thanked her co-workers for their concern, but told them she had never had been pregnant, let alone had a miscarriage.

The next day, none of Helen's co-workers would speak to her. If they looked at her at all, it was with anger and disgust.

She figured out that they had interpreted her denials as an attempted cover-up for an abortion of her non-existent baby.

Eventually, she managed to convince people that she had never been pregnant.

Then she was told that they didn't appreciate her making up rumors to get attention.

Helen had never made up any of those rumors, and never wanted any of that attention.

Work became rather unbearable. She soon quit work, to the relief of all her co-workers.

Several weeks later, at her new job, she bumped into an old friend from her former workplace.

The old friend's eyes lit up as he asked her if it was true that she had poisoned her old boss, who apparently had gotten sick soon after she had quit.

Way it goes. LINK
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Tale # 45
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Dec 14th 2005 Submitted by Anonymous
“Everyone's Nice Until Someone Gets Hurt”
A donut This is a pretty awful story. And not funny, but certainly a tale of corporate oppression.

I worked for a company that specialised in vocational rehabilitation for people with psychiatric illness. So we were all nice people, aware of issues pertaining to recovery, stress and work.

Until it happened to us: one of my colleagues commited suicide. After hearing a new senior manager who we had met once before tell us that [Jane] had died because she was "very troubled" and assuring us that management had done all they could, we were informed that the funeral was to be the next morning. After telling us it was "business as usual," she left sighing that it had been a "pain in the ass of a day."

So we all worked for the rest of that day and turned up at 9am the following for the 11am funeral. It turned out that we got the time wrong and it was actually scheduled for 3pm. So management decided to make good use of the time and began a three hour strategy meeting before seeing our normal daily clients. None of us got much done, we were all extremely shaken and upset --Jane had been a great friend as well as colleague to many of us. Management complained we were "unmotivated" and asked "when we thought we were going to move on."

We went to the funeral at 3, and management had us back in the office at 5 to call our clients and let them know that Jane had died and get back to work.

No time off was offered, we were to make do with a one hour group corporate counselling session, and we had to get on with things immediately. We were told that poor Jane would have wanted it that way.

Seriously doubt it. LINK
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Tale # 71
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Feb 7th 2006 Submitted by Anonymous
“You Call This a Bonus?”
A donut I spent a year of my life working for a giant retail corporation. They routinely made us work a full day with only one 10-minute break for lunch (which is, incidentally, illegal), and required us to work unpaid overtime.

But it was a tight economy, so we all stayed. And we worked really hard. We were able to raise sales by 30%, even though we had our staff reduced by 15%.

When it came time for our Christmas bonus, we were excited, thinking that surely our efforts finally would be recognized.

What did our bonus turn out to be?

Six chocolate chip cookies that arrived smashed to pieces.

Not six chocolate chip cookies per person. Six cookies to be split between fourteen people.

Merry Christmas, everybody! LINK
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Tale # 42
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Dec 14th 2005 Submitted by Anonymous
“Rotten from the Top”
A donut I worked for a Not For Profit organisation where ineptitude is not only tolerated but expected. These are people who would be slaughtered in a private organisation quicker than you could say 'bleeding heart'.

So this isn't really a corporate tale, more of one about human shortcomings and passing the buck. Pretty much transferable over to the private industry world.

I worked in a small team, with two managers. Both managers were completely useless and under-performing for years. As is common for these types, they got away with this by passing the buck and lying to senior management. They blamed their staff for poor performance, we were lazy, lacking motivation, always late...yada yada. We weren't, in fact we were surviving and meeting targets in an sector where all our competitors were having their funding cut and being closed down.

Eventually, these managers had to up their lies - we were difficult (yeh, we were - we told them they were useless), hard to manage and had 'attitudinal problems' (is that even a word??) The General Manager believed them, HR stepped in, and we were all put on Performance Management. The shortsightedness of such an act escaped them, and we 'naughty' staff dutifully attended daily meetings to explain our every act to our hapless manager who didn't actually understand what it was that we were doing.

This went on for six months, the only thing we could do was laugh and wait to be fired. Eventually, the General Manager was fired and his replacement quickly cottoned on to what was happening and sacked our crapola managers. We were all taken off Performance Management, had our 'naughty files' destroyed, and given counselling for our ordeal.

If this isn't incredible enough, it turned out that the old management had been messing up reporting to our government funding body and we had actually performed 15% above what was originally thought. LINK
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